Learning management systems are online learning resources and this is a system that enables teachers to interact with their students without them having to travel to the schools physically to school to attend classes. Once the teacher has prepared the necessary notes and content, the student can then download them from the site where the students can access them from. This can mostly be made easy by the use of Scorm player that is an application that the students download then use in downloading the content they re to learn and store on their mobile phones or their computers.

There are certain key points to consider when designing this resource material. As it makes use of technology, the first key point to consider is the kind of target audience that the course is meant for. An audience that does not know how to use the system will force the teacher to organize and teach them on how to use the resource to ensure that the system does not fail. This also ensures that the teacher becomes sure that each student in his or her class is able to use the learning management system. If the students know how to use the system, it will be of advantage to the teacher since he or she will not waste time to teach the students how the learning management system works.

The second key point to consider in designing the learning management systems is the manner in which the content will be distributed throughout the course. This gives the students a clear outline of how the course will look like. They will also know when specific learning resources will be required. The students can also use this outlined to make their own notes. Once the teacher gives the students this outline, they should start doing research about the topics they will learn as it is learner centered.

The third key point to consider is to create a learner friendly learning management system that is not only easy to use but also acts as motivation to the students. The best learning management systems are those that do not give students difficulty in using it. The efficiency of this system will depend on the feedback the students give. If the students find it more appropriate to use the system than going to school, then it is efficient. If the results of the students also improve with the use of the learning management system, then it is also advisable to use it.

The words Online Learning on a chalkboard

The words Online Learning on a chalkboard

Most schools that use this method see more advantages ranging from their facilities to the part of the teachers. On the part of facilities, students do not have to travel to school, therefore, it reduces congestion in the schools. It also reduces the strain on the scarce physical resources that the school had since not all the students will be visiting the school daily. The students also save more by using this online method of learning as they do not have to travel to the schools that would mean incurring transport costs to the school.